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Rookie Musher And Her #UglyDogs Raise Money For Students | TODAY


When we met rookie musher Blair Braverman at the start of the Iditarod two weeks ago we had no idea just how much we would be charmed by her and her dogs Blair is being led across the Alaska wilderness by Pepe you’re amazing Colbert and now seven other dogs each as familiar as a household pet if you’re one of Bravermans loyal Twitter following who call themselves ugly dogs a Twitter troll told me go back to your ugly dogs Karen my name isn’t Karen I don’t know where it came from but the fans of the team started calling themselves the ugly dogs after that because I’ll always come back to them when Braverman started the race in Willow Alaska she understandably stopped tweeting to her 70,000 fans the only signal she sent out a ping from her GPS which we all tracked online many times a day she’s got 287 miles into the race she’s moving and about oh she stopped maybe she’s trying to afford a river well there is a river right there right we were reassured when video emerged of her snuggling with Colbert on the trail the history of the Iditarod to be on a diet during the race and grew increasingly alarmed when she appeared to backtrack and rest at a cabin for almost 24 hours one ugly dog tweeted can you imagine the Iditarod Trail Committee going to Blair’s cabin and being like so you’re 70,000 mom’s want to know if you’re OK we began to think she was ending the race there turns out it was a GPS malfunction few Bravermans ugly dogs channeled all their anxiety into good works they tracked down fundraising requests for the rural schools along the Iditarod route and began what some called I give a ride the school and remote Nikolaj was flooded with more than enough ugly dog donations to get the fourth graders there a field trip to Anchorage as Braverman faced brutal winds on the Yukon the school and the river town of grayling got ugly dog doe four new iPads and fingers crossed when Braverman hits the finish line in Nome she’ll soon hear about the new tables in learning carpet for the school they’re all paid for by her pack of ugly dogs donations all told of more than 60 thousand dollars for a rookie musher and her ugly dogs that’s a race well run for today Harry Smith you


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