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Pet Dish TV – Cat agility training


On this week’s episode of Pet Dish TV you’ve probably heard of dog agility but what about cat agility? It’s a thing, and Ruby is going to show us the ropes! Hey everyone, I’m Zach and this is Pet Dish TV. Most shelters like Animal Humane Society are best known as places where an animal can be adopted or surrendered. But part of our mission is to help people keep their pets. That’s why we offer resources like our AHS Training School.Although the majority of our training is geared toward dogs our trainers know how to cater to cats as well. I adopted Ruby about 2 months ago. It’s the first time I’ve ever had cats in my whole life so this is a whole new thing for me. I saw it as part of a cat show and it looked like a lot of fun and I also have dogs, have done dog training with them and so I wanted to find something that would help keep her active and engaged and give her a lot of stimulation and then would also be fun for me. It’s been awesome, I mean she’s doing just as well as a lot of the dogs I train so like I said, I haven’t done it much before but I’m having a blast with it.They’re very, definitely very trainable if you find the right motivation. The value of your reinforcer, your food so whether it’s a toy that the cat really loves or what kind of food it is is going to make a difference how hard they want to work for you especially with cats, who are a little bit less prone to give attention than dogs. But we can work up that in small increments and ask for just one second of attention then two seconds, then three and if we’re paying them the right value food they’ll keep giving us more attention. It keeps her mind really active and she’s always learning new things and so I think it keeps her out of trouble at my house so she never scratches furniture or climbs up things she’s not supposed to and it sort of redirects her energy so at home when she’s getting kind of squirrely we can do a training session for a few minutes and it sort of harnesses that energy in a positive way. And it also means that, you know, I have a really good relationship with her so it’s always been really positive so she’ll come when I call and, you know I can get her to go certain places when I need her to.We are going to volunteering through an organization called Secondhand Hope and we’ll be going to nursing homes and visiting people and then maybe eventually expanding into group homes and things like that. So she starts that in a couple of weeks. It’s gaining popularity so cat agility, it’s a thing now so it’s a lot of fun. Susan and Ruby have been learning cat agility through one of our private, one-on-one training sessions.To learn about all the training opportunities offered through AHS, check out our website at And for more animal-related stories be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out our Pet Dish TV playlist. Thanks for joining us for this episode of Pet Dish TV. We’ll see you next time! .


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