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Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal!


– This is Bosco, and Bosco is a homeless dog, but today I’m gonna let him pick out any of the ingredients that he wants, and I’m gonna give him his first home cooked meal. That’s a good boy, you’re a good boy! Okay, here’s how it’s gonna work. I’m gonna cook Basco the best dinner he’s ever had in his life, and the fun part is he gets to pick out his ingredients. So, whatever vegetable, carb-protein he wants, we’re gonna make it for him. And we’re gonna let his friend, Freddy Mercury, do the same thing. Now I love cooking for any dog, but showing Bosco some extra love today is really important, and I think when you hear his backstory you’ll agree with me. You see Bosco had a family, but they needed to move, and they felt he was an inconvenience. So, they called someone to put him down. Now he’s old, but he’s not that old. It makes me really sad to know that Bosco gave unconditional love for most of his life, and then the people that were supposed to love and care for him, just turned their backs on him. They were moments away from using the needle to inject him, when someone said not on my watch.And that’s where Marley’s Mutts comes in. Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts takes the dogs that nobody else wants. Him and his team save thousands of dogs every year. Okay, the exciting part is coming, whether Bosco and Freddy will pick lobster, or steak, or salmon. But first everybody knows, you gotta pick your veggies. Get it, which one? (Bosco panting) (Bosco sniffing) I think he loves the cauliflower. (crowd cheering) Who woulda guessed you’re a cauliflower guy? Okay, okay, oh, wow! (Bosco grunting) Oh, yeah, that’s good too. Okay, okay, you’re a blue berry guy. So, let’s throw some of those in there too. Let’s see if he likes carrots. You want a carrot? Some spinach? (Bosco sniffs) No, (laughs) no spinach. Which one? (Bosco sniffing) (laughs) Oh yeah, okay okay, good boy, good boy (laughs), he’s going for it. Man, he’s like me, man he loves those carbs. What about, you know sweet potatoes? I mean, you picked the rice but, not interested (laughs), he wants the rice. Coming up next will be his protein, we have steak, we have salmon, we have chicken, we even have lobster, which one will he pick? Comment down below which one do you think he’ll pick? You’re gotta get to pick, but you only get to pick one.If you saw Bosco in the last video, we took him to a pet store and we let him buy anything he touched, along with his friend Freddie Mercury. Hit that thumbs up button, if you guys get this video to 50,000 thumbs up, we will do another video with Basco until we find him a home. Okay, I have something really cool that we’re doing, so Hello Fresh is sponsoring this video, and you guys know that I love helping dogs as much as possible, but I also love helping the people that are helping the dogs, and at Marley’s Mutts is what they do day in and day out. I mean they literally save thousands of dogs every single year, so with Hello Fresh sponsoring this video, I thought, I have the perfect idea, and what we’re gonna do is were gonna surprise Zach, the founder of Marley’s Mutts with meals for an entire year, for free.So, Hello Fresh thank you, I’m gonna tell you more about them here in a minute, but first I thought we’d go in and surprise Zach, so, come on! Alright, so he, he’s in there and he doesn’t know what’s about to happen. You ready for your surprise? – I guess. You’re scared and excited all at the same time. Oh boy! – So we’re giving you an your family Hello Fresh for an entire year.- Really? – Yeah. – Are you serious? – Yeah! – Man, do we really get this for a whole year? – Whole year man. – No way. – You can pick the plan and. – That’s outstanding. – Here’s what I love about this, it really makes me feel like a pro, because it’s fresh ingredients, it comes to your door, it’s in an insulated box, everything is premeasured, and then it’s really simple to follow, you just, you have these recipe cards and check this out, six easy steps, makes me look like a pro. (chopping) Okay, dinner is served, what do you think? – It looks so good, it’s just, it’s really nice we work all day to help dogs then we can come home, not have to worry about grocery shopping, and whip up something in 30 minutes. It’s perfect and it’s super healthy, so, I’m excited! – Because it’s America’s number one meal kit, it takes under 30 minutes, and if, we weren’t doing this, who knows what I’d be eating, just anything in front of me. (glasses clinking) – You deserve this, thank you. – Yeah. The cool – Thank you Hello Fresh He loves it I love it, you’ll love it, get started with eight free meals, it’s $80 off.Go to and enter promo code Rocky 80, also put the link down below in the description, check ’em out, I appreciate these guys supporting me, and you and keeping us healthy. – Voila, man, 80 bucks off. – Bosco is also really happy about this but he’d like to, us to get back to him picking what he wants for dinner. – Go back to savin’ lives. – And all you gotta do, is pick the one that you want to eat, you ready? – Go get them. – Come on Basco! (sniffing) – Oh, the steak, (laughs) no! He almost got the steak, alright, we’re gonna cook that up, buddy, and it’s gonna be dinner time, in no time, you’re a good boy! This here, is Freddie Mercury, and she has a very special story, so what’s her story? – She was found underneath a car by someone and brought her into a shelter, and the shelter reached out to Marley’s Mutts, and I drove and got her, and fell in love and adopted her.- So, now you are her mom. – Yeah. – And she is healthy and happy. We’re gonna have Freddie Mercury pick out what she wants to eat, now with her meal we’re gonna make it a little bit different. We need to blend up her meal right? Cause she, – Yeah. – Her teeth need, she needs to be able to eat with kinda the, she’s got much. (laughs) She’s like, I know what I want, alright, oh. Chicken, okay, okay, okay.You’re gonna check all of them now? Maybe salmon? – She is going for the chicken. – Yes she’s definitely, she definitely likes the chicken. Dogs, need healthy fats in their foods, so we’ve got coconut and peanut butter, and some of you might not think that lobster and peanut butter go together, but who knows? We’ll let Freddie decide that. So Freddie is gonna choose, we’ve got the plate right here, whether she likes coconut or peanut butter better, okay Freddie, go for it! – Are you ready Freddie? – I thought she was going for the peanut butter, look at that. I’m putting on the apron, cause that, that essentially makes me the head chef, the master chef, the boss. (laughter) – Please. (laughs) – That’s my wife back there cooking, I honestly couldn’t do it without Kelly, she, she is so awesome, uhm, but we are definitely having Angela take it back seat.Cause, you need to relax, like, we’re gonna, we’re gonna take care of this. We are also gonna feed all of the dogs on the ranch, because we want them to all eat healthy and happy. So we’re gonna take all the veggies, chop’em up, carbs chop’em up, proteins chop’em up, mix it all together, and then it’ll be some of the best dog food that they’re eating, it’s kinda like a gourmet dinner.(upbeat music) Freddie is definitely interested in the, yeah but he likes the chicken. – You like the chicken? – Yeah the chicken. (upbeat music) So we’d like to leave the skin on, cause it’s really healthy for dogs, and it just makes it easier when you’re doing. The whole reason we’re doing this is one, because we want to cook a dinner for Bosco, but two, in the last video millions of people saw it and this guy still hasn’t got a home. I don’t know how, I mean he’s a senior dog, he’s a Cane Corso which is an amazing breed, people pay all kinds of money for these dogs. So I thought, you know what? Let’s make another video, let’s have fun with it, let’s make him a great meal, but here’s what I need everyone to do, so that we can get him adopted. Hit that thumbs up, so that we can show support, and everybody can see this video and Bosco can find a home. Look at that face (laughs).(gentle music) She love’s it. Think it’s time, I cut the fat off, pretty cold to the touch, just wanna make sure it’s not too hot for him, and this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. He picked this steak out himself, ready, sit! (groans) Dogs love peanut butter and dogs love steak, so I thought I don’t know, why not why not try and see if he likes peanut butter steak. (groans) (laughs) What do think Basco? You want peanut butter steak? (laughs) It’s a hit, you like that? Okay, so we are plating the rest of the dog food, or bowling it I guess, and in, in dog world, so I get some dope bowls set up right here, add a little garnish here, put a little lobster, every dog, every dog – No! – Basco? – Basco? – I’ll grab a laugh, but I’ll be – Okay (laughs), she’s gonna go grab one of the dogs and we’ll just let (laughs) – Come on Cagney.- Cagney is a professional uhm floor dog eater, that’s the thing. That’s a, here we go, you ready? – Yeah – This is Marley’s Mutts ranch, and how many acres? – 23. – 23 acres all for the dogs and the animals. Right now dogs, but potentially more animals. – Horses are coming next. – Horses are coming next, so this is Marley’s Mutts ranch and it is awesome (barking) – This is Jen, and this is Rosie. – And they’re both available for adoption at Marley’s Mutts right? – Yeah – Awesome! – Okay, you guys ready for some food? Let’s do it.- Alright, let’s go. – Good boy. – You have it all over your face. – Oh, good girl. Okay we have some, we have some full bellies. The dogs are fed, Zach, the director of Marley’s Mutts, and he is taking care of, thank you Hello Fresh for that. Everyone again make sure they go thank Hello Fresh, go to, use code Rocky 80, and you’ll get $80 off, I just wanna say it means so much to me that you guys are so much a part of this channel.You believe, just as much as I do, that every pet deserves a loving home, which brings me to something I wanna talk to you guys about, there is this Pit bull that I’ve been wanting to help that just, I don’t know, you know how sometimes just an animal just get to your heart, well this Pit bull’s name is Zeus, and he needs our help and so, I’ll just show you. Okay, I’m at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and I was here last week and I just fell in love with this dog.The thing about this dog, is that his temperament is just so good, like when you go past all the other kennels, all the dogs are barking, he’s calm. You know, I’ll stop talking about it and I’ll show you, let’s go check him out. (barking) Hi, that’s a good boy. (barking) Hi Buba Okay, I’m gonna take take him back into his play space. This guy right here, is Zeus, hi bud, hi. It’s the first time I’ve had him out, uhm, you know it’s one of those things, hi, oh (laughs) good body, oh, hi, oh you’re a love bud huh oh, does that feel good, oh yeah.Let’s get this off of you, oh good boy, oh good boy. So, this is Zeus and he’s been here for months, and there’s just something about him, where I just fell in love with him and, and , and you can tell it is the first time I’ve had him out of the kennel, but you can just see, he’s just such a good dog. But he just passed over, largely because he’s a, he’s just a pit bull right? Like the temperament on this guy, I mean so far you can just see it’s good, hi, hi.But, just because, oh (lauhgs) oh you’re a good boy. But, largely just because he’s a Pit bull he’s used to getting passed over, you know? He’s got, he’s got some allergies you can tell right here on his stomach. Hi, but, he just wants play, he just wants to have fun, look at him. (squeaking) What’s that, what’s that, get it! No, oh there it goes, there it goes. No. (laughs) Good boy, where’d it go? Here it is, here it is! Okay, so this is exactly why I do dogs day out it’s because, because dogs like Zeus don’t always get the opportunity, just because they’re stereotyped. Pit bulls are, are one of the most stereotyped dogs, that they’re aggressive, and that they’re bad dogs, look at this guy. 100% not the case, so I don’t know this is where I need your guys’ help. I mean, look at Zeus should he be our next dog? Should he be our next dog’s day out? I wanna take Zeus to the Pet Store, I guess the problem I run into with taking Zeus to the Pet Store, is other people could have negative reactions, right? They see a Pit bull walking in, and they tense up and then that creates that energy and so, my concern is if I take him shopping, you know, will it create a situation, or will it change his temperament because of how other people stereotype and react? So, I don’t know should I take him to the store and buy him everything he touches? Or (sighs) do you think we, we shouldn’t do it, just because of the way that people react to Pit bulls? Let me know, put a comment down below, and I’ll read all of those and respond to as many as I can. .


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