Jardin Hollowed Shape Aquatic Resin

Listed Price: $10.29
Sale Price: $6.01

The hollowed out tree stem shaped decoration like a real one in the water, it is great for decorating your fish tank all the time. Suitable for salt and fresh water…. Read more…

Marina Deco-Wood Ornament, Extra Large

Customize your aquarium with the Marina Deco-Wood Ornament. The ornament is safe and non-toxic and is a perfect way to add some attraction to your aquarium. The Marina Deco-Wood Ornament comes in a va…


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Vitality AF135 Aquarium Decorating Cave Ornament

Add a little character to your fish tank with the Vitality AF135 Cave. The cave will spruce up any tank and provides a unique little hiding area for your fish. The safe, non-toxic polyresin design wil…


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