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Easter Candy ASMR **even our dog tries asmr


– Hey guys! – Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – And I’m Brookie. – And today, we’re gonna be doing Easter ASMR. In the past we did a Try Not To Laugh ASMR Challenge, so we’re here back again and we’re gonna be doing Easter ASMR. – Yeah, we’re gonna bring in a special guest. – Our d-d-d-d-d-dog. So we’re not gonna dabble too much, let’s just get right into the video, yeah! So, we have so many different items– – Oh, yeah. – To choose from, but first, we need to put some nails on. – Oh, yeah. – Since I do not like to get acrylic nails, and it’s expensive to get gel nails, what did we get? – We got fake acrylic nails.- We got stick-on nails, so we’re gonna be putting those one for you right now. Time lapse of us putting on our nails, ready, set, go! Okay, guys, we have our nails on. Let’s do a close-up. Okay, so here are our nails, do you like em? We did not do the other hand, we can be one. We have two right hands. We did nails because we don’t have nails that click very well. – Ready? (nails tapping) – Comment down below if you get fake nails or not, because I think it’s (nails tapping) annoying to have nails on, but personal preference. So, how ASMR rolls on this channel is one person has the headphones (nails tapping) – Feels weird. – And then one person eats the candy–wait… – Yeah. – Yeah, okay. I’m gonna eat the candy first, and Brookie is going to listen and you guys can listen too. This Reese’s Pieces eggs. The nails just make it so much better.(nails tapping) – Are you gonna open though? (nails tapping) (packaging tearing) (nails scratching) (nails tapping) – This is gonna be like eating ASMR the whole time. (nails tapping) What am I trying to eat right now? (candy cracking, crunching) – I love the crunch. (crunching) – This would be torture for me. (candy crunching, fingers rubbing together) Oh yeah. (fingers tapping) That was number one. – Okay, so my next one is a chocolate bunny. (nails tapping, package crunching) (fingers scratching) (foil crinkling) (fingers tapping) – Wait! (foil crinkling) (fingers tapping) Is it hollow? – I don’t know. – I think it’s hollow. – Oh! – It is. (nails tapping) – I think that sounds so cool. Wait, what if I break it? (chocolate snapping) That was so nice! Okay, so, we have like three eggs, and they are filled with some candy, so we are going to be doing these periodically during the video. (nails tapping) These are personally my favorite type of Easter candy. Comment down below what time you are watching this video. Oh, wait, comments are disabled. – Yeah. – Nevermind. Tell us on Instagram. Okay, we’re just gonna open it.So, these things are called Cadbury Eggs. (candy rattling) They are the shimmer kind. (candy crunching, nails tapping) – Okay, eat it! (candy crunching) (laughing) (slurping) Ew, okay. So, my next one is Reese’s Peanut Butter– – Eggs. – Eggs. I’ve had these before, and they taste salty. (wrapper crinkling) Ready? – Set, go. (candy crunching) – Ooh. – So, next item we’re going to be doing a Grow a Peep. So this one, it grows up to three times the size, and you put water in it and it grows a Peep. – Woosh. – So this is what it looks like. (nails tapping) – Oh! (laughing) – That’s my nail, I tried to open it and it just like, woop! We’re just gonna dunk it in here.- Come on, come on! – There’s no water in there… – Whoah, it’s already– – What the hecky? – It’s already, like… – Humongo. We have it in the container, gonna let it sit for a little bit and come back to it. – Blue egg. (trills tongue) (nails tapping) (nails scratching) (blowing) (egg opening) It’s a giant Peep! (candy crunching) Oh, wow. – Ew, that’s not wow. (nails scratching) (laughing) Your nail! – It’s okay. (nails scratching) Hey, Marissa, it’s not yours! (candy crunching, crackling) – So now it is Daisy Takeover Time! Let’s do dis! Some peanut butter, okay, okay. – Oh, good girl– you can’t see her! (laughing) – Okay, you feed it to her. – That is a bad angle, Marissa. Daisy, look! Daisy! (tapping) Come here, Daisy! Daisy, hey, Daisy, look! (smooching noises) – Here goes Daisy. (dog slurping, licking) Let her eat the cracker, okay. (cracker crunching) – She’s an ugly eater. – A little update on the Easter Egg growing thing. It’s like evaporating the top. Okay, we’ll come back to that when it’s all done. – Ooh, look, they’re purple. (cookie crunching) They’re very good. (nails tapping) – Our next item is this fan. I thought this would be fun.(fan whirring) – Wait, no, turn it off for a second. Okay, you know when you’re in a car and you have the bass, like, really high? And that’s how it is, it’s like (pop). Every time you turn it on, it’s vibrating my headphones. (fan whirring) – It sounds like a weed whacker. So that was the fan. Okay, this is our second-to-last thing. (plastic scraping together) – This is the Cadbury Creme Egg. – Do you want me to tap on it? – It’s okay. – Well, I think I should. – You can’t, even. – Yeah. (nails tapping) Can I try, like that? (foil crinkling, tearing) I love how you look over at me. – I’m like– – Okay, is it good, is it good? (candy cracking, nails tapping) Look at the caramel, maybe go like this.- Bye! – Wait! (nails tapping) – Okay, ready? – Oh! (laughing) I’ve been…okay. – Dang it, I didn’t hear a thing. (candy cracking) – The last item, while Brookie’s licking the thing off her fingers, is this carrot Reese’s Pieces. (wrapper crinkling) What if I lost my nail in it? (candy rattling) – Wait, I need headphones! – Oh, yeah. – I’m like, I wanna hear this! (candy rattling) Okay, just get the crunch.(candy crunching) Ew, don’t show! (candy crunching, rattling) – I’m gonna try and pour the water out, see if we can see anything. (water pouring) – Marissa! – Oh, we should’ve let it go longer. Okay, that’s inside. – Wait, what? How do you take it out? – I think we were supposed to let it go longer, but we have no patience– – And we have soccer. – And it wouldn’t be that cool anyways. So, there’s our… – Just a little… – Yeah. – Thanks for watching! – Hope you enjoyed the video.- Please subscribe, if you guys like these kind of videos. Okay, see you next time, bye! – Bye! (popping) – Peace. .


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