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Cute And Fluffy Dog Never Gets Up (Part 2) | Kritter Klub


Osol has been on her back for a whole year Living her best life Sometimes I’ll get off my back to roll around, while still lying on the floor Because I’m unpredictable like that Expert at playing dead For my play dates, I like to netflix and chill.. This is how I exercise while still lying down #lazygenius Because the floor gets cold Her back might hurt Born to be pampered. haha you peasants It’s not good for her health to be lying down constantly The vet can’t help but to laugh She’s so comfortable? How could this be? Unbelievable We have a plastic table for posture We lay the animal there to take pictures But for this one, there’s no need to do anything Her blood test, X-ray and ultrasound are all clean She just loves lying down Lying down for too long is difficult I hope there’s something to supplement that So we prepared a mobile bed You likey? Dog’s already lit for it How cute and comfy is that.This is the best thing since sliced bread For Osol to live happily from now on I’ll raise her with more care .


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