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Yayan Ruhian (aka Mad Dog) as Erik @ Merantau


How is it? Him, not bad. This one, even a toddler would’ve kicked his ass. What’s this place? I wanna enter. Name’s Erik The fee is 200 thousand. Fee? What fee? If you win, you can take back your money. But, if you lose… I always win. Still, you have to pay. Now, go and win your money. Now? He’s already waited for you. What are you going to do? Applying for a job. Crush his head !!! Good luck. Ready? Start! Where’s the next one? Err, no need. Please, get into the truck. This lad’s with me. I guarantee he’s good. Absolutely, sir. C’mon up. I’m sorry. I can’t. What? What can’t you do? Yudha, you know how to punch. You know how to kick. You can even break someone’s bone easily.So, what are you planning to do with all that skill? To make people laugh? Just cut the crap. Just get into this truck. We’re gonna make a hell lot of money. I’m really sorry. But I don’t do Merantau (leaves home to seek experience and success) to hurt people. Yudha, look around you. This is Jakarta. You have to use everything you’ve got to survive here. Look at me, I have no skill to let me buy house or luxury car. But I have Silat to keep myself from starving. Just for your information, your naivety could get you killed here. Thank you so much for helping me. But I’d rather go find somewhere else to work.Once more, I’m sorry. Useless lad. .


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