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What Would Jeff Do? Dog Training Tip of the Day #39


– Hey, everybody, how are you? It’s Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training with my What Would Jeff Do? dog training tip of the day. Tip number 39, Crate Nonsense. Lot of information that we put out there about crate stuff, but let me just cut down to the core of it, ’cause so many of you are struggling with all your dogs in your crates making noise, anxiety, bunch of nonsense. You can correct/punish your dog in the crate for crate nonsense. You won’t make it worse. Over and over and over again, we’re hearing from all these folks, don’t do that, you’ll traumatize the dog, the dog will hate going in the crate. You know the dog already hates the crate. You won’t make it worse. You need to stop the nonsense, the whining, the barking, the scratching, the OCD behaviors.You stop all of that stuff, your dog all of a sudden goes, “Hmm, then what should I do?” Ah, you can give them guidance or, believe it or not, they always seem to figure it out on their own. But 99.9% of the time, every once in a while we get a dog that’s just like no matter what we do, it ain’t working, but that’s very rare, very rare, and we work with some extremely behaviorally challenged dogs. But crate nonsense could be stopped, numerous ways to do it, but the big picture is, yes, you are allowed to do it. If you hear that you can’t, it’s wrong. Jeff Gellman, Solid K9 Training, dog training tip of the day, What Would Jeff Do? dog training tip of the day, number 39, crate nonsense, you can punish it.Sometimes I forget what number it is and the name of what I’m doing here. Madly in love with you, I’ll talk to you soon. Stay tuned, an additional new podcast every week will be going out with long form questions. Exciting, exciting stuff, and that’s gonna be in conjunction with the launching of my Patreon page. A lot of exciting stuff going on right now. .


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