Ware Manufacturing Willow Critters Pretzel Sticks Small Pet Chew

Price: $1.69 - $6.19

These pretzel sticks are 100 percent natural willow chew treats, offering a flavorful snack for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet rats, hamsters, and gerbils. They are a perfect treat for hand feeding to pets who love wood chews to help trim teeth. Measures 5-inch width by 1-inch depth by 6-1/2-inch height.Willow critters pretzel sticks small pet chew
Made of 100 percent natural willow
Wood chew for critters
Tasty twigs can be hand fed
Measures 5-inch width by 1-inch depth by 6-1/2-inch height
Naturally Flavorful Willow Stick Treats Your Pets Will Love!
Made of All Natural Willow That is Completely Safe for Your Pets
Perfect for Training and Hand Feeding Your Small Pets
Promotes Clean and Healthy Teeth
All Natural and is a Completely Safe Treat For Your Small Pets
Measures 5″ Width X 1″ Depth X 6-1/2″ Height

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