UNKE Coconut Shell Bird Nest House Hut for Pet Parrot Canary Finch Pigeon Cage Hamster Rat Gerbil Mice Cage Seed Feeder Toy Nesting Box

Price: $6.56

Feature:Novel design, unique, durable,very resistant to chew
Made of natural coconut shell, it is safe and secure for bird
Multifunctional toy: Parrot chew toy, cage swing, cage perch, parrot cozy nest

Material: coconut shell

Colour: As Picture Show

Size:Coconut shell diameter 5.1in
The opening diameter is 2.4in

Package included: 1pc

Made from a completely natural coconut husk, making this a safe, sustainable and non-toxic environment for small pet.
Comfort toys and sleeping tests can alleviate a birds stress and provide them with a sense of security
Its all-natural, eco-friendly material helps recreate the look and feel of their natural habitats, Its organic composition makes it attractive to pets, enjoy themselves to the full.
Coconut Shells can be Fixed in Bamboo, Birdcages, Hamster Cages, and so on, Add a Natural look to your Pet’s Home.
Natural,Coconut Hammocks, Add pleasure to pet,High quality, Safe and comfortable Sleeping room.

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