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Training Dogs for Greyhound Racing : How to Choose a Muzzle for a Racing Greyhound


Hi I’m Torri Morris and on behalf of Expert Village we are going to show you how to put a muzzle on. It fits over there head, there ears hold it on, they can still breath, drink water. They just can’t eat with it on. The kennel muzzles are to protect them from each other they are like a lot of kids if you put 10-20 in a room if somebody steps on somebody toe they can get mad and argue with each other. So the muzzle just keeps them from hurting each other.When they start going into the race track they have to wear a whole new set of clothes. This a racing muzzle it is designed so they can breath really easy with it but the photo at the finish line can tell which dog is a head if it is a real close race. It just slips over the head also the ears hold it on. You want to make sure that the dog has enough room in it so you can stick a couple of fingers underneath his chin and a couple of fingers at the end of his nose. .


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