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Top 5 Cutest Animals


Hey guys and welcome to our top 5 cutest animal videos! Number 5 on our list are these adorable baby red squirrels that are thought to be about 5 weeks old These cuties were rescued after being blown from their nest during Hurricane Katia – but luckily they were looked after by a local wildife care centre. Did you know that baby squirrels are called kittens? For some reason that makes them much cuter… Aww why do animal always look cuter when they’re sleeping? There are only thought to be 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain compared with 2.5 million grey squirrels! Number four on our list is this white female Bengal tiger that was born in a Peruvian zoo and this was the first white tiger to be born in captivity in Peru! She definitely looks like she’s having fun! Unfortunately the mother was not producing enough milk, so the cub had to be raised by the staff at the zoo Did you know that tigers sleep around 20 hours a day? Number 3 is this cute Gemsbox Oryx Fawn that was born in Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico city. An oryx is a type of antelope that come from Africa and they can go long periods without water Did you know that the Male and female gemsbok are almost identical in appearance? Both male and females have horns, though the male’s are a little bit shorter and thicker! Police in Essex are putting new recruits through training. These seven german Shepherd pubs are so adorable! also known as Alsatians in Great Britain and parts of Europe are one of the most popular breeds of dog – for good reason! They’re adorable. And Last but not least we have the cutest clip of all, and it could be considered a two-in-one: A bulldog and baby boars! Six wild piglets were found abandoned in a forest in Berlin. The bulldog called ‘Baby’ is now looking after them. Who knew that boar piglets could be SO cute!? They definitely deserve to be our Number One. We hope you enjoyed our Top 5 cutest animals on Uzoo. Don’t forget to leave a comment telling us who you thought was the cutest. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe and watch our video on Nela and Nobby the cute polar bears! .


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