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RT Life – The Cutest Animal in the World


Chris: We’re gonna miss the quokka train because Chris fell asleep too late! Chris: There’s an-an island that has the most adorable creatures in the world. Chris: So the whole entire time we’ve been in Australia, the one thing we’ve wanted to do is go hang out with quokkas. Josh: We take one more step, Mr. Chris, it’ll be the furthest toward Quokka Island I’ve ever been. Josh (mimicking Australian accent): Ye ain’t cracked a fatty with a quokka, ye ain’t cracked a fatty at’all. Chris: That means a boner. Josh: Ah. Chris: Josh: Why are you exposing your erection to the quokkas? Josh: Bye-bye, Both: Australia. Chris: Hello quokkas! Josh: We’re on the island, uhm… Chris: We’re wearing – we’ve got bikes. We rented bikes. Josh: So we’re biking around the island, looking for quokkas, and so far we are unsuccessful. But we know one thing for sure: they are not in the general store. Josh: Either that, or they’re not allowed. I’m not – this might be a race thing. I don’t know. This is- Chris: We try to go in with some quokkas, they’re like, “Sorry, sir.We don’t serve your kind.” Chris: We found one. Chris: Oh my goodness! Hey big guy! Hey! Hey! Josh: They’re so soft… They’re so soft! They’re just so soft! Chris: They say that there’s… well, no such thing as love at first sight. Chris: They just don’t understand the connection that we have. Chris: Feel like a mix between a-a-a giant mouse and a kangaroo. Josh: They’re so nice. They’re so happy with me! Chris: I know! Chris: Oh, he’s gonna go for that food in that bag! Josh: No! He knows, he knows! Josh: Raaaaugh! He knows we have a muffin! Chris: He’s like, “Give me the muffin!” Chris: What do you think about quokkas, now that you actually met them in real life? Josh: Alright.They’re way less racist than I thought they’d be. Chris: Wow. Josh: Shouldn’t’ve judged them. Chris: Why did you think they were racist? Josh: Just the look in their eye, you know? Just kind of judgmental… Josh: Oh, you’re not a quokka? I don’t like you! Chris: He wants to make out. Chris: I don’t know what else to do with my life, now, like… Chris: Everything I’ve done in my life has led up to this, this has all been a goal… and now that I’ve accomplished it… Josh: Climb the highest peak, and we just throw ourselves off it. Pretty sure this is the end. Chris: There’s 16 quokkas within our sight. They’re everywhere. Josh: I think they’re like the cutest possible animal in the world. Chris: I’d have to say, Josh, that uh, it’s a pretty successful quokka adventure. Chris: We made some new friends, became their king… We came, we saw, we quokka’d. Chris: Bye, Josh! I’ll catch up with you in a second… Chris: It’s just me and you now.Chris: Thank you for watching our Australian adventure, and thank you to the people of Australia for being so kind and awesome! Chris: We will see you in January for RTX Australia. Chris: In the meantime, you can all subscribe, and click here for more Australian adventures. Chris: And if you ever go to Australia, please be kind to the animals! Don’t feed them and be nice, and don’t litter! Chris: …That poor little penguin! Trapped in trash! …It was awful! Chris: But thank you!


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