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Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Cat Cow Pose


In this clip, we’re going to be showing Katie how to go through a Cat Cow Vinyasa. This is a way to open up the spine, open up the hips, open up the shoulders, and so I’ll be coaching Katie through Cat Cow, for second women, that are in their second trimester, so Katie, coming on to hands and knees. You’re going to press your palms into the floor. Spread your fingers wide, and your palms should be about shoulder distance apart. Bringing your knees under your hips, just about hip distance apart, and I want to remind you, to keep your belly soft in this pose, so on the inhale.You’re going to tilt the tail bone up towards the ceiling, and turn you’re head to look up. Allow the belly to drop towards the mat, and as you exhale, you’re going to curl your tail bone under, draw your head down, and let the belly be soft. Again, inhaling, tilting the tail bone up towards the ceiling. Looking up, breathing, and as you exhale, turning the tail bone under, and drawing the head under. Let the belly be soft. Again, inhale.Tail bone up. Exhale, drawing the pelvis under, but letting the belly be soft, and do this about three more times, with the breath. It’s a Vinyasa, so linking one pose into the other, and just kind of feeling each corner, on the inhale, of the tail bone of the hips. Pressing the hands into the floor. Reaching through the shoulders, and breathing very deeply, remembering to keep the belly soft. It’s a wonderful warm up, before you start your practice, and then on the next inhale, draw your head back through neutral,and this time you’re going to stretch back, through your right calf, so bring the right ball of the foot to the floor, and step that foot back, so it’s sort of like a runner’s stretch there, and breathe, and then if it feels safe, you’re going to press your right palm into the floor, and you’re going to lift your left hand, straight in front of you, so it’s a little bit of balancing, and then straightening through the hand, and looking down at the mat, reaching through the crown of the head, and then go ahead and exhale.The right knee back to the mat, and left hand back to the mat, and then we’re going to move it to the other side, so it’s straightening back through the left calf, bringing the ball of the foot to the floor. Good, and then inhale when you feel right, stretching back through that heel. Inhale, and draw the right hand forward. Looking down at your mat, reaching through the crown of the head, so it’s like one line of energy from the fingertips, all the way back through the heel. This is a wonderful way to sort of connect, and even out sides of the hips, and the back. Breathing deeply, and then on your last exhale, draw the left knee and right hand, back to center, onto the mat, and go ahead and walk the hands back towards the knees, and sitting the hips right on the heels, and relax, so Katie, how did the back Vinyasa feel for you? It felt good. Just, it was hard to keep my belly soft.Ok, and so it was good to have you remind me. Ok, so that’s a good point. When you’re at home, and you’re practicing any of the poses, particularly in second and third trimester. Very important to allow the belly to be soft, so think about when you turn your tail bone under, letting the rocking motion happen sort of naturally, as opposed to using your belly muscles, to produce that effect, so it’s just a rocking of the hips, as opposed to drawing the navel in towards the spine, but thank you for reminding me. That’s very important to keep the belly soft, both in second and third trimester, of pregnancy. .


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