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Pawfessor Dion's Dog Training Gear


Pawfessor Dion’s Dog Training Gear was born from necessity. Bluto, our blue nose pitbull is the reason we started this company. He’s come a long way from when we first rescued him. At first, he had a lot of behavior issues, and we couldn’t find a leash or a collar that really worked for him- so we decided to design our own! We designed our dog training equipment for active dog lovers who demand more from their gear! Between our leashes and collars, its hard to figure out which one we like more! Our leashes have 2 thick reflective lines up and down the entire 6 ft length and come in 4 colors: red, black, blue and pink. Another great feature is that our leashes come with a second handle – which really helps with dogs that are difficult to walk.Both handles are padded and are twice as thick as most other leashes, making them one of the most durable and easy to hold leashes on the market! Our Martingale collars have the same reflective lines stitched on the side for higher visibility in low light. They’re made with the same thick material, matching colors and come with a lockable tab so the collar wont accidentally release. The main difference between most regular training collars and our martingale training collar is that the martingale tightens up as a dog pulls. The purpose of this is not to choke a dog, but to prevent your pup from escaping the collar by tightening and and therefore preventing it from coming up and over the dog’s head. Did I mention we have a lifetime warranty on our leashes and collars?…that even covers incidental chewing? We understand that sometimes dogs chew on their things and we designed our products with that in mind.It’s our desire for each and every customer to use our products for life! Once you receive your leash, all you have to do is visit our website and register it to activate the warranty! Our doggie bag holders will keep one standard sized roll of doggie bags with extra room to store a set of keys or some small treats for your dog. They wont crack or break like other bag dispensers and they also have reflective stitching that connects to the leash -so its always right where you need it.We love our pets and do our best to come to the rescue whenever possible. After learning about dog rescues need for supplies, we decided to incorporate the “Buy 1 Give 1” program into our company. For every leash or collar purchased, we donate a leash to a dog rescue! Do yourself and your dog a favor by purchasing one of our high quality leashes and collars today! .


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