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New Dog? Watch This FIRST!


Today’s video is sponsored by Midwest homes for pets I’m at the park today with Jax with pitbull puppy I just picked him up from Animal Rescue New Orleans today Jax is an incredible story you know he was turned in and he was skin and bones they really brought him back to good health he’s about five months old now in this video I’m going to give you some tips on what to do in the first few hours two days of working with your new dog if you want to learn how to teach your dog positively and fast without the use of unnecessary tools like prong collars or eCollege or choke chains subscribe to my channel also click thumbs up for amazing rescue dogs just like this with really no no that’s not right what are you doing when your dog I mean this is what you’re in for when you get a puppy they do stuff like this this is my clothes what are you doing you know they’re very curious but I’ll tell you a dog that’s trying to engage you in the world like this is simply a dog that’s curious and smart it’s important for us to engage them and show them how to properly behave but you know it’s a lot of work working with a puppy it’s no walk in the park but it can be really fun if you have the right attitude really look at this he’s played back those needle teeth hurt so bad ouch the most important factor when teaching any dog is to prioritize your relationship with them first if you establish a good relationship with them the training is easy don’t be in a hurry to get everything taught at once either with your dog teaching a dog ethically and right is a month long process but it’s a small price to pay for all of the wonderful years that you have ahead of you there are some basic supplies you will need when you get a new dog for example you’ll need a leash a collar or a harness lots of good food if you have a puppy you’ll want to make sure that you have a variety of different chew toys of different textures a ball a squeaky toy and of course a crate crates are really important especially when you’re bringing an untrained dog into your house because we have to be able to supervise our dogs wherever possible but there were times when we can’t supervise them that’s why we want to introduce them to the crate and make sure that they have a fun happy place to go to a crate is not a babysitter and we should be very sparing about the amount of time that they spend in the crate you can see a video on crate training or potty training in the description below my face greatest life stages a scrape it has the max locked door system which makes it a lot more secure than a lot of other traditional crates it’s also really portable and easy to set up it already comes assembled this particular model actually has two doors as well which gives you a lot more flexibility in how you position it in your house clearly he likes the ball so I’m going to see if Jax wants to go into the crate I’m going to place the ball right there that’s very good it’s really important to ease them into that process so they enjoy going in there it’s a good idea when you first get your dog to walk around with them let them sniff let them explore don’t try and hold them to such a high standard right out of the gate they may be biting at the leash if they’re not used to it this is all quite normal it’s more important that they get comfortable with their surroundings than it is that we start being very strict on our training be tolerant of the fact that they don’t know everything yet oh really you just want to sit down to see puppies do stuff like this they’re just weird sometimes every little thing that they see that strikes them is different they may react this way and we look at him he doesn’t know what to make it Bree over there with a camera I’m gonna go let them explore all right easy does it here we go when introducing new concepts to our dogs we want to make sure that we get that initial energy out of them I’m going to switch out the leads here this is a short one I’m going to put on a really long lead so that we can let Jax explore a little bit more of course with a new puppy they often think that the lead is a toy as you can see you know there are two instinctive games for our dogs that they are born knowing and that is chase and tug-of-war those are also the two ingredients to teaching your dog fetch but you know what I love playing a good game of chase with a new dog it really encourages the bonding process it’s about growing closer with our dogs it’s not about showing them who’s boss it’s about having fun with them if you have a hyper puppy like this plan on giving them lots and lots of physical exercise that’s the only way they’re gonna be manageable a lot of dogs will instinctively know how to sit but if they don’t simply luring them back like that as a great way to start yes we’re gonna try lie down really quick and see how he does with that I’ve never worked with Jax on this before look at that yes good boy excellent job that was the first time he’s lied down probably ever when working with a person so I’m gonna give him an extra big reward to let him know that I love that really I’m just trying to get him into the position before throwing a lot of words at him in the beginning I down that’s what that’s called good boy you are so smart don’t see how he does with roll over guys this is amazing I mean look at this five months old he’s living in the shelter his entire life and he’s doing absolutely terrific I’m gonna come up with a creative way to teach him to give paw or to shake hands because I’m noticing that he’s trying to claw at my hand because he knows there’s turkey and it’s watch this I’m gonna let him know I’ve got Turkey here when he lifts up that paw and tries to grab it yes good I’m gonna say yes and I’m gonna let him know that I love that by giving him a tree oh look at this watch this sit pretty you think so it really is a shame that in our society today that so many people have vilified pit bulls there’s a lot of misinformation so I’ve worked with probably 500 pit bulls in my career maybe more it’s really about people miss guiding these wonderful dogs that’s actually the issue unfortunately the breed has had to pay the price for this but I’m optimistic that as time goes on and we see more examples just like this that they are absolutely as good as any other dog if not better out there that will begin to change that roll over let’s try another roll over come on oh you’re brilliant hey if you like this video make sure you click thumbs up for pit bulls and rescue dogs tell me how long it took you to work with your dog and get them acclimated to your household in the comments below if you need a crate you can pick one up from Midwest homes for pets I’ll have a link in the description also animal rescue New Orleans you guys are amazing they do such a fantastic job of taking dogs in that other shelters deem unadoptable once the dog goes to our know they have a home for life if they are not adopted that is a noble thing to do and they are a wonderful organization thank you very much for all the work that all of you do they’re who work in the rescue dog or rescue animal community if you want to support this wonderful organization you can check the description and you can also donate to them because I’ll tell you they will put that money to good use Jax did an amazing job by the way if you want to adopt him he’s available don’t forget to like me on Facebook slash these act Gorge that’s where I post additional content I try and answer as many of your questions as I can over there and we’ll see you guys in the next video hey thanks for sharing – good job


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