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NATURE CAT | Dustin Hopman | PBS KIDS


With grasshopper racers. And it will be Dustin’s time to shine. Oh, sweet. And I’ll record the race on my phone. Dustin sure looks excited. Yeah. Look at him, man. He can’t wait for the race to start. Oh, patience, Grasshopper. Save it for the race. Hmm, I think something may be bothering him. Hey, what is it, Dustin? Dustin? Hey, the race course is over here. Uh, where’s he going? I don’t know. Never fear. I’ll get him. Tallyho! Where did you go? Dustin? Dustin Hopman.Dustin? Where did he go? Where is he? I don’t know. I lost him. Oh, man, hard to see a green grasshopper when he hops into green grass. Oh, I know that word. Cammo-whammo. No, camomile. No, camel breath. Oh, boy. It’s camouflage, Hal. That’s what helped me win hide-and-seek. Yes. That’s a grasshopper’s camouflage. He’s the same colour as the grass, so predators can’t find him. But now we can’t find him either. Dustin Hopman! Oh, where did you go? ALL: Dustin! Oh, Dustin Hopman! It’s me, Hal. Oh, it’s no use. Why would he leave right before the big race? Why, I ask you, why? I don’t know, Hal, but we need to figure out how we’re going to find him if we can’t see him.Hmm. Oh! Hey, maybe we should just listen. Right-o, Daisy. We can listen for that sound Dustin makes. But how are we going to hear that? The only thing I can hear is the sound of leaves going crunch, crunch, crunch. Uh, look down, man. I think that’s your feet. You know, when you’re out in nature, sometimes it’s best to just be still. Hey. No more crunching. What do you know? (Water trickling) Listen… Oh. I’m hearing the sound of the water in that creek.And I hear the buzzing of a pesky fly! Shoo, fly. Don’t bother me. Hmm, and me thinks I detect the sound of the wind in the trees. (Birds tweeting) (Wind gusting) Yeah. And wow, listen to those birdies chirp. (Both chirping) See? There’s so much you can hear out in nature. Except I don’t hear Dustin. (Footsteps) Wait. What’s that? Sounds to me like something is jumping through the leaves.SQUEEKS: Dustin! Follow that sound! The jumping sounds seems to be coming from over there. I’m standing still. ALL: Aah! Aw, that’s not Dustin. It’s just a– Squirrel. Hey, have you seen a grasshopper? He’s about yea high, green, good jumper. He is a gentleman. (Squeaking and chirping) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. (Laughing): Okay, thanks. Hey, how’s Marge and little Kenneth? Oh, good, good. And Randy’s back in college? Oh, that’s good to hear. Whoa. Do you hear that? Wow. I didn’t know squirrels could sound like that. Man, oh, man. Oh, I’ve got to record it. (Chirping continuous) Okay. Well, tell them I say “hi”, give them my best and let me know if you see a grasshopper. Got it. I can’t wait to play it back later. .


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