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Kung Fu Basics for Children : The Horse, Bow, & Cat Stance in Kung Fu for Children


Hi! My name is Dan Schmidt from Chinese Martial Arts Center and for In this clip we’re going to be discussing Kung Fu for kids. Right now, we’re going to be showing you the horse, bow, and the cat stance. They go like this. You start feet together and hands on your hips. You step out with the right leg about 1 ½ times shoulder width, you sink down with the back straight, thighs parallel to the floor, knees pointing straight out, and hold it in this position. So from here, you go to the bow stance. You turn to the right, thigh parallel to the floor, back leg straight, shoulders squared. Okay, from here, we’re going to right into the cat stance, so you keep all the weight on the front leg.Turn the right foot out about 45 degrees, step over this way, and just have the tip of the toe touching the floor. In this one, you can slight the shoulders slightly downwards in the chest 45 degrees. All the weight on the back leg like this. So Bri, come and show us the those fist 3 stances. Start right here, ready, step out, horse, bow. Okay, now cat. Okay, thank you. Stances in Kung Fu are used to build up the strength in the legs. They also have different applications for fighting. Modern applications would be so horse stance would actually be like your fighting position. So Jerry, if you can come over here. When facing somebody, you want to stand like this, so that way just the side faces them.That’s where the horse stance comes into place; you have a strong stance. Now, bow stance you want to use when lunging in on something, like if I want to come in and punch this way, or also you can use it for instance hook around the foot and press inward. Now, a cat stance is used for instances such as yielding.If he comes in punching, you can lean back this way and then move in from there. Also, you keep the weight on the back leg, so let’s say he kicks my foot, there’s no weight on it so I’m okay. So if he kicks my leg out, I can just come in and punch from there. Those are some basic applications for stance work in Kung Fu. .


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