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Intermediate German #1: Dog Care


Hello. I am here with Jojo in order to tell you something about her. A few years ago Jojo was in a animal shelter. A lot of animals, who don’t have a home, live here When they found her, Jojo had heart worms and other illnesses. I believe that she wasn’t abused, but she was definitely mistreated. Jojo was very thin and also very sick. The animal shelter gave her food and medicine and nursed her back to health.Jojo was very happy in the animal shelter. This animal shelter wasn’t like other animal shelters. Jojo lived with a woman. This woman was like a foster mother for Jojo. Jojo was allowed to sleep in the house and go to work with her. The woman worked in a school. There she taught her students how one cares for animals. Jojo spent almost the entire day playing with other animals and children. We didn’t think about it very long, if we should take Jojo home with us. It was clear to us that she was good with children. She has a lot of energy, but she never does anyone any harm. It was not free to bring her home with us. We had to pay the animal shelter in order to adopt Jojo. We took her home right away. Every day I play with Jojo. I bring her food and water. She spends most of her time in the house, but when I go to work, she stays outside. She has toys inside and outside of the house.She chews on some toys, but others I throw and she retrieves the toy and brings it back to me. This game is called “fetch”. Normally, she plays tug and fetch at the same time. That means we play tug until she lets go of the toy and then I throw the toy. Taking care of animals is not without cost. We have to buy food and toys. Sometimes we bring her to the vet. A visit to the vet can be very expensive, but normally we only spend $50 per month for Jojo. What we get from Jojo is worth the money. She makes us happy and you can’t buy that. If you want to see more videos about dogs in German, I found a few great videos on YouTube. I think they are good for B1 or B2 levels and one can learn something about dogs. There is a link in the description. That is all for today.Thanks for watching. Until next time. Bye. .


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