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How To Become A Dog Trainer UK – Dog Jobs


Hello, I’m Sharon Bolt and I’m the founder of Good Dogs! I’m a dog expert who has been featured in more than 35 different newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and I am regularly featured on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey. I’ve created a series of videos for people who want to become professional dog trainers giving tips on how you can become a dog trainer, how to work with animals and how to have a successful dog training career.I’d like to ask you a few questions… Are you the type of person who loves dogs? Do you like interacting with dogs as much as possible? If so, have you ever thought about becoming a dog trainer and having a dog training career? With so many dog owners feeling frustrated and at their wits end with their dogs’ unwanted behaviour, there is definitely a need for more professional dog trainers. So, let’s talk about how to become a dog trainer… In order to become a successful dog trainer you’ll need to have a positive attitude, dog training knowledge and business know how. To help you on your ‘becoming a dog trainer journey’ in this video I’m going to talk about dog training and explain why so many dogs go mad when the postman delivers the mail.Let’s set the scene…the postman comes to the house most days and puts flying letters through the letterbox, which is naturally very unsettling for a lot of dogs. The dog barks, growls and demonstrates threatening behaviour and the postman walks away. The dog is triumphant, his behaviour has been successful as the postman never enters the house but instead submits and walks away. The dog believes their behaviour has kept potential danger away and they have done their job extremely well and will certainly repeat that behaviour should the postman dare to return. Additionally dog owners can become upset and frustrated with their dog’s reaction, which confirms to the dog that there’s something to worry about, enhancing the dog’s ferocious determination to keep the postman away.In order to help you with your dog trainer career, I’ve written an E-book that you can download for free, which is called: 3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Successful Dog Trainer these steps consist of: 1) The Vital Part Your Mindset, Beliefs and Expectations Play in Becoming a Successful Dog Trainer. 2) The Essential Part Dog Training Knowledge Plays In Becoming A Successful Dog Trainer 3) The Crucial Part That Business And Marketing Strategies Play In Becoming A Successful Dog Trainer.During the book I explain about these areas and give you tips on how to get on the right dog trainer path. I also reveal the secrets on how I first became a professional dog trainer – I hope you’re not too shocked! You can get the E-book now by clicking on the link if it shows on the screen or in the description box below. .


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