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How Can I Train My Cat? Simple cat training and commands!


Ragsy! dinner come on, hi guys welcome back to the channel its Claire and rags and this week I am going to be helping you to possibly train your cat to respond to a vocal command now I’m not saying that cats can be trained like dogs but if you have a young cat or a kitten it’s a lot easier to train them and you might be able to get them to respond to a vocal command now as for Ragsy she does respond to the D I N N E R word which is great when she wants to come in for her mealtime so sometimes when she’s out in the garden and it’s time for her to get fed I’ll just call out the words and she’ll come running I’m not saying this is absolutely definitely going to work but it’s worth a try like I said if you have a kitten or a young cat, older cats don’t tend to want to learn anything you know first of all make sure you have treats handy so this is either their favorite treats their favorite kibble or even a little bit of catnip this is going to be their reward and the way that you’re going to train them now second of all is getting them used to the word so what I did with Roagsy was I would stand near her with a bag of her favorite treats which is dreamies and I would say the word to her and then crinkle the bag now this is how you get your cats to make the association with the word and the treat next you want to move a few feet away and repeat what you did before so say the word or their name that you want them to respond to crinkle the treat bag and if they come running give them a little treat now repeat this by moving further and further away and hopefully your cats will make the positive association between the words you’re saying to them and the treats now what your cat seems to have mastered this indoors try doing it at a greater distance or from another room or indeed from the garden so if your cat is outside say this word and hopefully they will come running eventually your cat will recognize this word and come running or whenever you say it not always expecting a treat so if you want them to come in maybe it’s time for their bed or it’s getting dark or the weather isn’t looking very good you can call them in and they’ll come running Ragsy dinner dinner now there are a few things that you need to remember when you are training your cat you need to make sure that you do not punish your cat if they don’t respond to your command it’s not fair on them it’s not their fault that they’re not understanding and anything that results in a punishment of your cat is a big no-no make sure you practice this command regularly so your cat will maintain at this new skill and finally keep your training at sessions short as your cats will get frustrated if it goes on for maybe more than five minutes and you really don’t want to annoy them thanks for watching guys I hope that you found this really fun I always enjoy it when Ragsy does respond to that word and if you gave this a go or you have indeed trained your cats to respond to certain things or do certain tricks let me know in the comment section below I would find that really interesting now speaking of comments as always it’s time to announce the winner of the relax my cat t-shirt competition I’ll just remind you of the rules if you’re new here and want to win on at the very own need to make sure that you are subscribed to this channel and you are a member of a notification squad by clicking that little bell button that means you get a notification whenever one of our new videos comes out and finally and most importantly you need to comment on this video in the first 60 minutes that it is up now if you follow all these rules you have a chance of winning a Relax My Cat t-shirt of your very own now let’s see who has won at this week congratulations to Kim Wilbur who commented on my last video and said her cat looks exactly like Ragsy that’s absolutely fantastic and she is on Instagram and we’ve followed you and your cat really does look just like Ragsy I love it, Now all you need to do is email us at with your address and your size and we will send a t-shirt out to you congratulations now if you want to win one just follow those rules and whilst you’re at it give us a big thumbs up it helps the channel out tons and if you want to give us a Google review that would be fantastic as well it would really help us out thanks again for watching guys and Ragsy and I will see you in our next video bye


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