HDE Aquarium Cleaner Gravel Vacuum Fish Tank Siphon Pump for Changing Water

Price: $8.99 - $5.99

Keep routine water changes efficient and stress free with the HDE aquarium siphon pump. Pre-assembled, this pump is ready to use. When starting a siphon, whether for cleaning your fish tank or for something else, you will need to get the water over the highest point in the siphon, with no air between the source water (your fish tank) and the high point. This can be accomplished by any of a number of means. We recommend the “immersion” method:

Lower the entire siphon into the aquarium slowly, making sure that you get all of the air out of the tube. Then plug the one end of the tube with your finger or thumb and lift that end out of the tank (being careful that the other end does not come out of the water) and lower it toward the bucket before releasing your finger. When you release your finger, the water should start to flow into the bucket.

Will effectively transfer liquid whether cleaning or emptying your aquarium, this siphon is designed with a strainer fitted to the inlet tube to prevent fish from being sucked into the vacuum. Keep your aquarium clean and your fish happy and purchase your siphon pump today!Fish tank siphon makes cleaning aquarium water easy and reduces mess
Keeps fish safe & healthy by removing excess food and removing hazardous waste and toxins
Easily vacuum & clean tanks with manual hand pump | Efficiently separates debris from gravel with built in filter during water changes
For best results ensure discharge hose is below the nozzle | Tube length is approximately 4 1/2 feet (1.4 meters)
Comes ready to use for convenient, assembly-free aquarium maintenance

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