Hamster Food Bowl Ceramic Prevent being Tipped over Small Animal Water Dish for Guinea Pig Rodent Gerbil Cavy Hedgehog Feeding Bowl (Watermelon)

Price: $12.69

When is feeding time?
There are two schools of thought on the optimal time to feed these little guys:

Evening feedings coincide with their nocturnal activity.

Morning feedings accommodate their tendency to wake sporadically for short periods throughout the day and snack on available food.
Whichever approach you take, remember that hamsters have high metabolisms and need regular access to food and water, so don’t skip meals.

How to serve their food?
Selecting a food dish for your hamster isn’t complicated, but there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Look for a small bowl. Larger bowls take up valuable cage space and may encourage you to feed too much.
Opt for a ceramic food dish rather than a plastic one. Ceramic dishes are sturdy, chew-resistant, and difficult to overturn. They’re also durable and shouldn’t need to be replaced unless they become cracked or chipped. Plastic bowls are easily scratched, and those scratches can be havens for bacteria.
Place the food bowl in an area of the cage that’s far away from your hamster’s bathroom area. Hamsters choose one corner in which to urinate and defecate and consistently use that corner.
In many cases, hamsters will fill their cheek pouches with food and move it to a cache location to be eaten later. Just be consistent with when and where you place the food. Wash the bowl with soapy water and rinse and dry thoroughly during the weekly cage cleaning.
Some owners prefer to forego a food bowl in favor of scattering food in the cage. However, this approach can create messy bedding and make it more difficult to monitor your hamster’s food intake.
Hamster Food Water Bowl✔ Diameter:3.14 inches; Height:1.57 inches; Weight:0.38 lbs
Easy to Clean✔ The ceramic bowl is easy to clean and hygienic and its weight means it won’t get thrown about in the cage. It can be used for dry food and snacks as well as fresh and green food
Perfect Fruit Design✔ The ceramic bowl is designed specifically for hamsters, and so is sized perfectly at 3.07 inches. It is twice baked and heavy duty, so that your hamster will not chew it or knock it over. It is gnaw-proof, does not absorb food colours or odours
Convenient to Use✔ The high-quality ceramic food bowl for small pets is not only extremely compact but also very convenient. A must for every small pet home
All Small Pets are Available✔ The bowl is ideal for giving hamsters, gerbils, mice, pigeons, cage birds guinea pig, rodent, cavy, hedgehog, drawf hamster and other small animals their food or drinking water dish for your hamster and create a beautiful environment for your small pet. The bowl is suitable for hamster, golden hamster, guinea pig and other furry small animals and etc.

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