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Let’s talk about our breeding program. We breed our own dogs here at Breslau. We’re breeding about one hundred and eighty puppies a year. We have our own breeding programs, so we can carefully select the right bloodlines; the right types of dogs that are going to make really good dog guides. Dogs that have the right temperaments, dogs that are going to be healthy, and are going to be the highest quality dog for our trainers, and ultimately; our clients, as well. It’s pretty busy here. We have two litters; a litter of Labrador retrievers, and also a litter of miniature poodles, that we use for our hearing ear program. The temperament we want for our canine vision dogs are dogs that are very calm and well mannered; dogs that are willing to learn, but not too excitable. Dogs that can cope with every sort of environment; can work in the big city environment, in country conditions, work in shopping malls. Dogs that can cope with those sort of situations, and can adapt to being in any sort of environment that they might encounter. So, we’re looking for a very, very special type of dog, and we need to breed our own, because we have our own specific criteria.We have the types of dogs that no one else breeds, so it’s a very special dog that we’re looking for. People have likened it to breeding a derby winning racehorse, in a way. We need to breed lots of those every year. It’s that sort of standard that we’re looking for; a very, very special kind of dog. We can get this type of dog by carefully selecting bloodlines from generation to generation. Then we can train more Canadians with disabilities, and have more dogs that are successful. .


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