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Extreme Yoga Challenge


– Today we take yoga… TO THE EXTREME! – Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning! – Yoga. It’s great for flexibility; it’s great for circulation; it’s great for your body; it’s great for your brain! It’s my favorite thing that I never do, ever, because– – Well today’s your lucky day! – (laughs) I know. – It all changes today, Link! – Well, even the names of the poses are – so intimidating, that… – Yeah. – I’m done before I start! – I understand. Let’s illustrate that with a game, because this is our show and that’s what we – decided to do. – Here’s what we’re gonna do: We’re gonna play a game where we have a yoga pose described to us. – Verbally! – And then we have to try to assume the position that we are hearing about– verbally! – Physically! – We have to do it physically. And whoever gets closest– we’re gonna go out into a yoga… – Zone! – Yoga Zone to do it. – Yoga Zone, yeah. – And then come back and analyze. And whoever’s the better yoga guy is, you know…- Gets more points! – Yeah! We’re just– we win. – Well I win or you win. – That’s right. – We both aren’t gonna win. – You’ll understand as it happens. It’s time to play… Yoga-nna Hurt After You Attempt These Yoga Poses! ♪ (new age music) ♪ – Welcome… to our Yoga Zone. – Now, as you can see, I cannot see Link. There is a partition here. But judging by the way I look and feel, he must look and – feel amazing. – Oh, yeah, I look amazing. I’m told this – is what men dress like when they do yoga. – Yeah! That’s what they told us, and we’re like, “Okay! We’ll do it!” – Yep! – Okay, Stevie, give us the first yoga pose.(Stevie) Okay, here we go. It’s called the “Archer” pose. – (both) Oh! – (Stevie) Sit with your legs extended out – straight in front of you. – This is how I always sit when I’m – shooting a bow and arrow. – (chuckles) (Stevie) Reach forward and hook the index finger of each hand around the big toe of – the corresponding foot. – Corresponding foot! (Stevie) Slowly and carefully draw your left elbow back to your ear. – All right, I’m gonna stay on my mat here. – I’m goin’ 45 degrees. (Stevie) Slowly and carefully draw your left elbow back to your ear, keeping a – strong hold on the left big toe. – Oh my! – (crew laughs) – Left elbow to my ear? – It hurts my toe! – Maybe I keep my leg straight? Oh, I’m gonna hurt myself! I’m definitely not gonna shoot any arrows like this! – I think we are the bow and arrow. – (Rhett grunts) (Stevie) Okay, as soon as you guys have the pose, just say “Got it.” The last step is to breathe and enjoy. It doesn’t look like you’re doing that. – I’m not gonna enjoy any of this, Stevie. – (crew laughs) This is the bow and this is the arrow. – (Link) Got it. – (camera shutters) – (Rhett) Got it! – (camera shutters) Ah! All right, let’s go and analyze it. – (Rhett whispers) Okay. – I dunno. That one… I didn’t feel like an archer. I’ll just say that. (laughs) – I might’ve pulled something already. – Oh yeah? – Early on. – All right, let’s see it. There we are. – (Link) Okay! Not… – (Rhett) Why are you giving a peace sign? (Link) That’s my arrow and my body is the bow, so mine definitely makes more sense.- The peace sign is an arrow? – Yeah, and then my body is the bow. – And you’re shooting into the ground? – I’m shooting it up into the sky. – Let’s see what the real deal is. – (Link) Oh! There he is. Um… – (Rhett) That is amazing! – (Link) What? He brought his foot up to his ear? I thought he was bringing his knee up to his ear. Why are your feet both– what, you didn’t get the memo about grabbing both toes and pulling one to the head? I mean, that’s as close as I could get. I basically did the – correct pose, but did not get very far. – (Link) You know what? You did! – (Link) You really did, man. – (Rhett) I was totally spot on.(Link) Out of 10 points, I’m gonna give you… I’m gonna give you 7 points, because… I’m just gonna penalize you for flexibility. – Yeah, okay. A 3-point flexibility penalty? – Yeah, for that one. You… I’m gonna give you 2 points because that’s what you’re holding up. – (Link and crew laugh) – Come on, man! I grabbed my toe! You got one part of that right and then I’m giving you an extra point for the two. – (laughs) – So 2 points. (Link) All right. It does look like he’s shooting an arrow in a bow, though. – (Rhett) It’s amazing. – All right, let’s do another one.- The adventure continues. – (Stevie) Okay, you guys ready? – Yes! – (Stevie) This is the Eagle pose. – Ah! – (Stevie) Start standing. – Got it. – (Stevie) Bend your knees. Lift your left leg up. Cross it over your right leg and hook your toes behind your right ankle. (Stevie) Extend your arms straight in front of you. Oh gosh. (Stevie) Cross your left arm over your right arm.We should’ve started with the arms, ’cause my leg’s already hurting. (Stevie) Bend your elbows, bringing your hands directly in front of your face. – (Link) Of course I will. – (Rhett) Just like an eagle! (Stevie) Stare straight ahead and breathe. – (Rhett) Just like an eagle. Got it! – (camera shutters) – (Link) Got it. – (camera shutters) – Hwaaah! – (Rhett) What part of this is eagle? Haaaaaah! That’s not what an eagle sounds like.I have been told I look like a hawk… which is related to an eagle. – You look like a falcon, man. – Falcon. – People say you look like a falcon. – Okay, let’s see what we did. – (Link) Ooh! Very similar. – (Rhett) You’re really getting down into – it, though. I gotta hand you that. – (Link) Oh yeah, look, my legs are pretzels. (Rhett) Yours looks like you might be a yoga instructor. (Link) Who’s shielding his face from the direct sunlight of the yoga gods. (Rhett) I look like I’m at a ballroom dance, like mid-move. Like– – (Link and crew laugh) – All right, let’s see. – Let’s see the real deal. – (Both) Oh! – (Link) Side view. – (Rhett) Wow. (Link) I nailed it, man! Give me my points, baby! (Rhett) Ah, I’m gonna give you a 9 out of 10 for this.I’m not giving you the 10 out of 10 because you did a little peekaboo thing with your eye, which I don’t believe that she would do. I think that that was a freelance thing that you need a small deduction for that, but basically perfect. 9 out of 10. Yeah, yeah, man. Yeah, yeah. You, on the other hand… I’m gonna give you points – just for entertainment factor. – Hold on, hold on. You gotta think about this though. I’m doing the pose, I’m just not down into it. 3 points off for flexibility; you should’ve squatted into it. You should’ve had your hand in the air, and your elbows in, which is the same as me, so I’m still – gonna give you…A 5 on this. – (Rhett) Oh! – (Link) Yeah. – (Rhett) Thanks for that. The elements were there. But I’m ready to keep yoga-ing. – The Eagle has landed. – (chuckles) (Stevie) Okay, here’s the next one: Bird of Paradise. – Oh! – Another bird! – Aviary theme! – (Stevie) Get into a lunge position with your left leg in front. Reach your right arm behind you and your left arm around – and under your leg. – Hey… I’m a bird of paradise. – (Stevie) Clasp hands. – What?! – (crew laughs) – My hands are not near each other. – I know! – (crew laughs) – Got it! – (Stevie) Clasp hands. Keeping the hands clasped, start to inch your feet closer together until they’re just about hips’ – width apart. – What?! (crew laughs) (Stevie) Put all your weight in your right leg. (crew laughs) (Rhett) Got it! (Stevie) Stand up, lifting your left leg with you.- (Rhett) What?! – (Link) Oh, okay. I’m going to hurt something. I’m all over this, man! You seem like you’re struggling, but this isn’t that hard. (Stevie) Either extend your leg, or keep it bent. – Okay, we have options? – (Stevie) Yup. (crew laughs) – (Rhett) Got it! – (camera shutters) (Stevie) And breathe. – Got it! – (camera shutters) – I pulled something in my neck. – Something went really wrong with me. – I don’t know… that was way too easy. – (crew laughs) Should’a just said, “Scratch your butt and lift your leg!” I mean, I could’ve gone right to it. (laughs) – Let’s see how we did. – (both) Oh! – (Rhett chuckles) – (Link) There’s a discrepancy between the two of us. As you can see, the look on my face says, “I know I ain’t doing this right.” (Rhett) You look like a guy who… I just threw the Frisbee at you and you were trying to catch it under your leg at the beach and it went right through and – you’re like, “Whup! Don’t look at me!” – (Link) Guess I’ll just grab my other hand! (Rhett) I don’t wanna say what I look like.I’m trying to catch a Frisbee under my leg; you were dodging a Frisbee that has, – like, ballistics on it. (laughs) – Yeah. (laughs) Okay, let’s see how we compared to the real– oh. – (Link) Yeah! – (Rhett) How does she do that? – (Link) Is that her leg or somebody else’s? – (Rhett) That’s another person’s. – (Link laughs) – (Rhett) That’s another person’s leg! (Rhett) That’s physically impossible. You can’t do that. (Link) If she was wearing my genie pants, I’d be understanding of what’s happening.(Rhett) Um, wow. I don’t even know how– Here’s the thing I will say. You do have – your arms clasped underneath a leg. – (Link) Yep, yep. You don’t. (Rhett) But you have them underneath your own leg and she’s clearly on somebody – else’s leg, so.. – (Link laughs) – (Rhett) I don’t know how to… – (Link) Well, we’re both on one foot, so we both get points. Imma give you 2 points for being on one foot. – Oh, 2 points? – That’s all you get. I get more than you. Um, yeah. I’m gonna give you… because you got the hand clasp correct, I’m gonna – give you 6 points. – Oh! Okay. You didn’t do anything else right, but if you had lifted your leg… No, don’t give me 6 points. Give me 5 points. I just– I wouldn’t feel right – about breaking the halfway barrier. – No, you deserve it, man. 6 points. – Okay, well thank you. – It’s still a failing grade.- Fine, I’ll give you 3 points. – Oh, I wasn’t asking for points – by giving you points. – Is that what I was already giving you? – You said 2! – Oh, okay. – I’ll take 3. What’re you giving me? – I’ll give you 3. (Rhett) Okay. – Okay, final round. – Okay, for this one, Stevie, you’re gonna just give us the name of the pose with no steps, correct? – (Stevie) Correct. – Okay. So this one’s – open to interpretation, Link. – Open it! (Stevie) Okay, here we go. Half Lord of the Fishes pose. Oh, you know, I know Full Lord of the Fishes pose, so I gotta do half of it now. Half Lord… of the Fishes. So, like, a triton. King Triton? Okay. I look like Aladdin, but I’m gonna try to channel King Triton.(Rhett) The one question I have is: Is the Lord of the Fishes also a fish himself? That’s what I’m– well, I’m not gonna tell you whether I’m going with that or not. So half lord. I gotta go full lord. All right. I bet it has something to do with… – Crows eat fishes. – But I’m half of a lord. – (crew laughs) – No, that’s not it. (Stevie) Remember to say “Got it” when you have it. – (Rhett) Fish… – (Link) Turn sideways…(Rhett) I’m a lord… who would bow… because I’m the lord. But only half of one. (Link) All right, so… I’m eating a fish. (grunts) Gah! I can’t go full lord! – (Link) All right. – Is it a dolphin? A dolphin is a – mammal, but it’s kind of half fish. – I don’t know if you can feel how hard I’m breathing, Rhett, but that’s the sound of winning. I think I have nailed something over here. I’m the Lord of the Fishes. – (crew laughs) – (Link) Imma go slight… – Um… got it! – (camera shutters) – (Link) Got it! – (camera shutters) – That was it. – This was the no-look one. – (Link) Yeah. Oh! – (Rhett chuckles) (Link) Wow! We look like two really cool break dancers! – (crew laughs) – (Rhett) Wow! (Link) I look like a really cool break dancer! I think we’re both pleased with what we did, but let’s see how it compares to the actual Half– oh! First of all, your legs are doing a similar thing that hers are doing.I have to hand it to you. You have two legs bent at certain angles that are somewhat similar to her, but you’re completely upside down. I did the upside-down Lord of the Fishes. I thought that’s what you said. (Rhett) So I’m going to give you 4 points for getting the legs correct, which I feel is relatively generous, but I’m actually shocked at how the legs are in a similar position. And you’re wearing red and so is she, which is… I had no control over. – 4 points. – I would call it orange compared to her red, but I’ll take it, thank you.Um, I’m digging on the fact that you look like a fish. You know, I just can’t in good conscience give you that many points, I mean… can you point out something you’re doing that she’s doing, besides – your left leg is bent? – I”m facing the right direction. – I’m oriented the same way that she is. – How many points did you give me? 4? – (Rhett) I gave you 4! – (Link) Imma give you 4. (Rhett) Oh! Okay. So that brings our final score to Link: 21, Rhett: 19. – Congratulations, Link. You win. – ♪ (celebratory music) ♪ You’re the yoga master and you get to play with a dog in Good Mythical More. Well, you get to do yoga with a dog. Dog yoga. With your own dog. – (laughs) – That we brought. – All right! – That you actually brought. Great! Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing.You know what time it is. – My name is Lee. – And my name is Hidayah. – And we are from Singapore! – And it’s time to spin (both) the Wheel of Mythicality! Everybody knows, when you’re doing yoga, you need a sweatshirt with a hood! It’s called a hoodie! We got ’em at! Look at that, – Good Mythical Morning. – Oooooh! And lots of other stuff too. Click through to Good Mythical More, where evidently I am doing dog yoga with my dog, – which I brought. – (Rhett) Oh! In a world with only 2 people and a parrot left. (dramatically) In a world with only 2 people and a parrot left… (dramatically) Two men have to make a decision: Do they eat the parrot? Or does the parrot have a decision to make? – (crew laughs) – Which guy does he eat? Oh, that’s right.Which guy does the parrot eat? I forgot. Because it’s a man-eating parrot on the loose… in the Armageddon. – December 2019! – And the men are… (normally) Usually it’s over when you say the… (crew laughs) .


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