Excellent Advice About Cats That You Will Want To Read


Excellent Advice About Cats That You Will Want To Read

Would you save the life of an animal? There are thousands of cats just waiting for you to find them. If you need to know more about caring for your new cat, keep reading.

Prevent your cats from playing with drapery cords. It is easy for the cat to get his head caught among the cords when playing with them. This may hurt them or possibly cause death. All drape cords should be fastened and kept away from any harm that might come to the cats.

Cats enjoy finding small spaces to fit into. If they have a collar on, this can be dangerous. Put a breakaway collar on instead. That’ll keep kitty safe.

If you own a female cat, it’s crucial to spay it at the appropriate age. Whether or not she typically goes outside, she may escape while in heat and you might have kittens! Getting your cat spayed is a great way to stop this from going on.

Have your cat see a vet frequently to keep good health. Cats should go to a vet at least once each year for a check up, and more frequently for required shots. Don’t hesitate to take your cat to the vet immediately if you notice anything unusual about their health or if they are injured.

TIP! A microchip will allow you to find your pet if it is lost. Even cats who live completely indoors may someday decide to bolt out the door or escape out of a window.

Your cat’s claws can wreck havoc on your furniture. If you find your cat tearing up things around your home, buy a scratching post or cat tower. Teach them to scratch on it instead of your belongings. Your cat will eventually understand they should only use the post or tower for scratching.

Do you have both a cat and dog? Dogs love to eat cat food! Feed your pets in different areas of the house, and monitor them while they eat. This will also prevent squabbles between them.

Speak to other people if you’re having cat troubles. Advice from other people can be very beneficial for you. The Internet will allow you to contact many forums and online communities for cat owners. Don’t forget, your vet’s office can also provide sound advice.

TIP! Why is your cat meowing? Learning about your cat’s meows will be easier the longer you know her. The cat might want something to eat, or just to go outside.

You should brush your cat on a regular basis. This will reduce the amount of bacteria on the fur. It can also reduce the amount of loose hair they have. This helps prevent hairballs, which can lead to choking and other health issues.

Adopting a cat is a wonderful thing to do. The love you give to a cat fulfills one of its basic needs. The bond you have with your cat will last a lifetime. Having a cat can actually help you to live a happier and longer life.

Photo credit: ChodHound via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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