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Dog Tricks : Paw Shake Dog Trick


We?re going to teach our dogs to shake and how you start shake is basically is to get your dog in the sit position. All you want to do is get their hand or their paw I should say, into your hand so they start realizing that’s what you want. So get her into the sit. Good girl and I just want to pick up the hand and tell her good girl, give her a treat. The next progression to this would be to actually start helping her out by tapping her and you want to see the foot kind of lift. I want to tap her a little bit, see if she lifts that foot up.Once she?s doing it on a regular basis almost offering it to me, I am going to give her a little help. Good girl. Get your mark word in there, which is your good girl. Yeah we got some slobber going. Now I can add the word shake on to it. So now I can put my hand signal which is the flat palm and ask her to shake. Good girl, and we got a little spook going on over here. I want to ask her, shake, give her her hand signal.Good girl, give her her treat and I can let her hand go. Shake one more time, now we got the other hand and let it go. You can mess around with that and two different hands, give me the other one. Good girl, and that?s how you teach them to shake. .


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