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Dog Training Tips : Why Dogs Jump Up


The cause of jumping up can be easily determined by the dog, by what pays off. So if you have a dog that is jumping on you and you’re petting that dog, that is going to be a reason to continue to jump. Another thing that people will do, will be they might step on the dog’s back feet. They might knee him in the chest or push them off, with their hands. All this is still, in the mind of the dog interaction and positive. Until you get too angry. And of course, they become frightened and unsure of what it is, that you’re asking them to do. If a person comes up to visit and they are, the dog jumps on them. And that person reaches down to pet him. It again, had reinforced that, that’s the way to get attention. And to greet strangers. Some people may like that. But not many will appreciate it. Another thing that we do, is we come home. And we’ve got to see the dog.And we really enjoy their enthusiasm when they come through the door and here we are petting them. Rather than have them sit politely. .


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