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Dog Training: Paw Tricks : Dog Training: High 5 With Either Paw


Now, when I’m teaching a dog to give me it’s paw as I’m looking for the reaction I want, good, good, as she gives it to me I will name it. You’ll see there’s also a hand signal going on. This hand means I want the paw that’s in front of this hand, the opposite. Good. So as I go, “High five,” she’ll give me that and she’ll go here. Now, I also want her to do it with her other paw. But it’ll be a different name so it’s clear to her. So, I’ll ask for this one the same way, good.And this is flip side. So, with my dog, “High five.” Good. “Flip side.” Good. So you’re doing the same thing on each side, just making it clear which paw you want and putting a different name to it even though you’re looking for the same action and putting a different name with a different hand. Good. And as you back up and go away, “High five,” no, “High five,” it gets a little harder, good, “Flip side,” good, good! And she’s able to get rewarded for that. .


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