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Dog Training : How to Teach a Puppy to Walk on a Leash


To teach your puppy to walk on a leash the first step is getting your puppy comfortable with wearing a collar. You’re going to put the collar on your puppy, maybe play with them, feed them, help them disconnect from the feel of something on their neck which is a little bit unusual. Or, a harness would work as well. Then, once your puppy is comfortable with wearing that collar, and doesn’t seem to even notice that it’s around then you might begin by just hooking the leash to the puppy’s collar so they can feel the weight of something tugging on their collar. You would naturally pull your puppy at this point. You might let them drag the collar around. The puppy is periodically going to step on the leash or drag the leash around.The puppy is going to periodically step on the leash putting a little bit of pressure on it, and they’re going to kind of get used to that idea. Then, once they’re used to that idea you would pick up the end of the leash, keep a lot of slack in it, and motivate the puppy to come with you, or go along with the puppy; just walking along and not pulling the puppy by the leash. You want them to stay comfortable with the idea that this isn’t going to confine them and make them fearful. But, this is just some extra piece of equipment that you have and that might be connected to them; always keeping it happy. Lots of motivation, lots of treats, toys, play. Eventually, you might try to change direction with a gentle tug on the leash to help the puppy, and calling the puppy; motivating them to come with a toy or treats. So, always in the beginning the puppy is going to be walking along with you without the need of a leash, but the leash will be attached. And then, you would eventually move up to going out and and being somewhere where you might need the control of the leash, and the puppy would feel that pressure on their collar, and by this point they’d be so used to it that it won’t be fearful at all. .


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