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Dog Training, Feeding & Care : How to Get a Picky Dog to Eat


Okay, let’s say you’ve got a picky dog, and you’re having trouble getting them to eat. There’s a few different strategies we can use. Number one is, a lot of times it can be very boring for the dog to get back home and see that their food is sitting there in their food bowl all by itself. So what you can do is, instead of just kind of having the food there, and the dog can eat it, is turn the food into a treat, the same way you would, which is by taking individual pieces…sit…making the dog sit and actually follow your direction, and feeding them. You’ll usually see that this…sit…will get them interested in a food they might not otherwise eat. Then, when you put the food down, they should be pretty interested in it and go right to it. Now, Pima…the other strategy that you can use, is, if they’re not liking the food, you can take a treat that they definitely, as you can see here, are very interested in, and actually mix it in with the food, so that they get interested.They associate the treat with the food, and that usually will get them interested. She’ll probably go to the treat first, and she did. But, if this is a strategy that works, when she’s done she should go back and continue eating the regular food. .


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