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Dog Leash Training : Dog Leash Training: Serpentine & Figure 8 Turns


In addition to spirals, there are other exercises to help teach your dog to stay with you in the heel position. That’s the figure eight and the serpentine. I have poles which are used for jumps set up here. You can use anything. Marked parking meters, trees, imagine it, just pretend it’s there. Put coins on the ground, anything. And that helps you out and sets a pattern for you to help your dog learn. We’re going to start with the serpentine and I’m going to show you a figure eight. They seem very similar, however, the figure eight will be more circular. The serpentine is a little more relaxed. And here’s the serpentine. And you will see me stopping and starting at the same position and you will get about the same number of left and right turns.Now those are a little easier and from here we’ll do a figure eight. You’re trying to get two circles together that happen to touch in the middle. And you’ll see that she’s got to do a left turn and a right turn. .


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