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Dog Care Tips : About Heated Dog House Pads


Let’s talk about using heated dog house pads. Several companies make heated dog house pads for dogs but you want to be careful with anything you use that is heated with dogs obviously. Check with your veterinarian first. Heat is great for back problems, joint problems, that sort of thing but at the same time it can make certain things worse as in skin diseases, wounds, not necessarily wounds all the time but say allergic skin disease or flea allergy may get worse when that thing is heated so always check with your veterinarian first to make sure it is appropriate. Secondly with heat generally a lot of those types of heating pads they are either on or off and so you always want a liner or multiple liners or towels or blankets over top of a heated pad because you want a barrier in between.You never want an animal lying right against a heat source because that can cause problems and the last concept is supervision. You never want to do something like this and leave your pet unsupervised and leave it on for long periods of time. It is only appropriate obviously to use it at certain times of the year and not when it is very hot outside or something like that. Heated dog beds on the inside of the house is the same sort of principle just don’t use anything, use barriers in between and don’t use anything that is going to get really hot and make sure they don’t have any underlying skin diseases. .


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