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Dog Agility Exercises : Dog Agility Training: Weaving


What we’re going to be doing today is we’re going to teach a beginner dog how to do the weaves. The weave poles are a series of usually twelve weaves but with a beginner dog, we’re only going to start with eight. You can sometimes start with four if the dog is having problems with it. But eight is sufficient to get them started. How we’re going to do this is we we’re going to take a treat, we’re going to have them follow the treat through. There’s different ways of teaching them this but if you want to go progressively fast, you can start with the hard way. And basically what you do is take your treat, the dog always has to enter the weaves with its left shoulder entering the weaves first. So what we would do would be to guide the dog with a leash through the weaves, one by one, having them follow the treat.Good boy! Good boy! Lots of praise and lots of treats at the end. Same thing if you went the opposite way. Bring him through. Left hand side. Weave, weave, good boy, good boy. They make a mistake, correct them, bring them around the right way. Almost. Good boy! What this teaches them is muscle memory. If you repeats this over and over and over, switching sides, entering at different directions, their body starts to memorize the weave motion and the muscles gets that muscle memory, which makes them weave quicker and faster. .


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