CP-nine Electronic Wireless Remote Control Mouse Rat Animal Toys Pet Cat Toys Mouse Black Brown Grey


Price: $10.99

The electric mouse is remote-controlled and can go back and turn under the control of the remote control . Mouse itself needs 3 AAA battery, remote control requires 2 AA batteries, these batteries are not included in it, and need to bring your own. Remote control range within 2 meters, there is a switch on the mouse stomach, installed the battery, turn on the switch, then you can control the mouse.Material: Plastic. Colors: Gray. Toy Modes: Two(go forward and backward)
Size: Approx.29X8.5CM(Included the tail)
Battery Powered Remote Control Mouse Toy have realistic appearance, for have flocking cover and tail. What a cool concept this is, a remote control mouse! Imagine all the fun you can have teasing your cat or scare your spouse.
This is a realistic looking mouse with a two channel control. It has a manufacturer rating of 20 meters. Get yours today and have a load of fun teasing whoever is around.
A good choose playing tricks on others

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