Collars Limited Hearing PREVENTS Accidents

Listed Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $19.99

Dexil Ltd/FriendlyDogCollars have created color coded dog collars, leashes, harnesses & coats to assist with dog walking and prevent unwanted attention and dog accidents. These worded embroidered brig… Read more…

Dogwidgets DW-14 Rechargeable Remote Dog Training Vibration Collar No Shock

Dogwidgets DW-14 Rechargeable Electronic Dog Training Collar With Remote With 7 Levels of Vibration. No Electric Static Shock, No Pain Very Humane Dog Training Collars. The Dogwidgets DW-14 dog train…


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DEAF DOG Dexil Friendly Dog Collars Color Coded Dog Accident Prevention Leash 6ft/1.8m Prevents Dog Accidents By Letting Others Know Your Dog In Advance Award Winning

Dexil Ltd / Friendly Dog Collars(TM) have created Award Winning (K9 Breeders and Associates pet product of the year) color coded dog collars, leashes, harnesses, and coats to assist with socialising a…


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