Bird Full Spectrum Light Bulbs for Parrots, Plants, Animals

Price: $119.99

The popular avian FeatherBrite 20WATT full spectrum bulb for birds is a quality compact spiral fluorescent bulb manufactured with a standard screw in base; 5500k, 91cri with UVA 5% and UVB .04%. 1450 lumens. Bulb Size: 2 1/2 x 5 1/2″ – not dimmable. This bulb is not a heat source, does not get hot (only a few degrees warmer directly underneath) and no burn in time required. For benefits, bulb should be used between 2 to 8 hours; a timer can be used. Window filtered sunlight is not beneficial to your bird. For maximum benefits for your bird recommend replacing bulb annually as the benefits of full spectrum (uv’s) dissipate over time.Bird year round quality compact natural light bulb for parrot health
Manufactured for a positive effect on a bird’s physical and mental well-being
Simulates natural sunlight; enhances Vitamin D synthesis; use year round as window filtered sunlight is not beneficial to your bird
Spiral fluorescent bulb with a standard screw in base
Multi purpose; used for a grow light for indoor plants and seedlings and a popular bulb for task lighting

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