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BEDTIME STORIES PRESENTS:”Baby Animals-The Cutest of the Cute” #1 Bestselling Book KIDS LOVE IT!! :D


Bedtime Stories Presents baby animals the cutest of the cute by Peter Nigel Estes copyright 2014 a baby koala or Joey is carried in its mother’s pouch for six months then they stay with their mama for another six months until they’re big enough to go exploring the big wide world on their old toooooo cute! a baby rabbit is called kit the mama rabbit lines the nest with her own fur before she gives birth, that way the new kits will be cozy and warm when they come.The mama will wake the sleeping hairless kids for feeding Bedtime Story she stands over her babies in as the feed instead laying down like a cat lion cubs like this cute little guy are born blind and totally helpless but look out because it won’t be long until he grows up to be the largest predator in all of Africa! ROOOOAAARRRR!!! adorable Bedtime Stories are called kitts and they are completely blind and deaf for the first three weeks in their lives they stay close to mama from quite a few months as she teaches them what to eat, and how to stay safe baby monkeys are very playful and love to get into mischief they have special hands and feet the help them to climb high in the trees mama monkeys will keep close watch over their Bedtime Story for two or three years before they can fend for themselves this roly-poly bundle up joy will spend most of her life in water in rivers lakes and ponds, but did you know that hippos can’t even swim!?! not a stroke! when they get into deeper water they just hold their breath, and push off the bottom with their toes, like chubby water ballerina baby meerkats are called pups and don’t come out of their borough for at least three weeks then they are looked after by meerkat baby sitters close to their homes.About a week later they start going out on little adventures with some other older meerkats and learn to forage for food a baby elephant is called a calf it takes almost three years for a mama elephant to have her baby and when she does it can weigh up to 250 pounds! an elephant calf can walk as soon as it’s born and they use their trunks kinda like we use our hands to feel around and grab things they won’t start to get tusks for a year polar bear cubs spend the first three to four months life in the cozy den where they were born after that, the mama takes them out for their first hunting lessons bedtime stories are learned quickly but there’s no need for swimming lessons – polar bears are natural-born swimmers Aawwwwwwwwwww puppies are born completely deaf and blind and need 14 to 16 hours of sleep a day they only start to walk and smell things and three weeks old now this is not the end of this book! there’s plenty more pictures and fun facts waiting for you to discover and you can get it right now just ask your mom or dad to come over click on this button and this whole bedtime story can be all yours to keep forever so call em on over mom dad can you come here for a minute also click here to subscribe to this YouTube channel and you’ll never miss another one of my videos again just click right here it’s can also click right here to watch another wonderful bedtime story .


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