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Basic Dog Training : Dog Training: Wait Command


Let me show you how to have your dog wait. The nice part about this exercise is if you get to a street corner you can have your dog wait and not be pulling forward. We’re going to use this by going on a regular walk. As you’re walking you’re going to simply take this arm, wait, like a stop sign in front of your dog. She should just not be moving forward at that point. It doesn’t matter whether she does a sit; all she needs to do is stop the forward motion. So, again I’m going to walk my dog. “Sadie with me,” wait, and she should not move forward. If she does I can simply turn around and try her again. “Sadie, wait.” Then she just stops and she should look up at you. This will keep your dog focused on you. It’s nice to practice this when you’re coming up to a street corner. That few seconds of hesitation can make for a safe dog if she ever were loose or off the leash. .


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