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Annoying Orange Let's Play FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S


Yoyoyo it’s a to the hoe back again with another let’s play that’s right this time we’re gonna play some five nights at Freddy’s yeah everybody’s been telling me to play this game pear played it on his channel as a challenge video little apple plated on a his Channel and everyone screamed and shouted and got really scared it was hilarious hey check it out hey they brought my fans I get a new fans gotten eyes a joke guys why’d you laughing come on it’s funny alright so in this game it’s not like I said everybody’s been telling me to play this game in this game you play a night watchman at like an entertainment kids entertainment place when it got video games and amateur onic animals that entertain you well apparently those animatronic animals walk around at night then they try and stuff you into costumes which then might murder you man I hope they don’t do that to me I just ate I feel stuffed so there’s nothing really going on right now you just got to keep an eye on them I’m checking out my camera’s make sure they’re staying in the same place that they should be not moving around I guarantee you guys this is gonna be an easy game and I am NOT gonna get scared like a pear in little apple did i I guarantee so I’m sitting here I think I’m gonna use this opportunity to practice practice some Halloween puns and jokes okay I think it’s a perfect opportunity you know we’re not doing anything house we’re just sitting around so uh why don’t witches like to ride their brooms when they’re angry they’re afraid of flying off the handle get it get it handle yeah you like that one huh okay what do skeletons say before they begin dining bone Appetit man I laugh so hard a little pulp squirted out there and that’s my favorite one that’s a haunted chicken a poultry guys my sides hurt my sides why did the monster eat a light bulb because he wanted a light snack get it light snack man I could really use a light snack right now – it’s so dark all right what do witches use on their hair scare spray hey hey why isn’t the camera working why is it kept Wow hey what is whoa what is he doing in there that’s not where he’s supposed to be man I get all the chicks okay what do I do creepy chicken creepy chicken go away camera disabled okay well if he’s just gonna stand there then I guess we’re okay I’ll tell another joke what do birds sing on Halloween twick or tweat man always gonna be so awesome this year I’m gonna tell somebody jokes that’s gonna be it’s gonna be so fun hey hey where’d he go I hear somebody fumbling around what is going on that’s noisy what’s there hello this camera it’s 5:00 a.m.Almost of sex I don’t see it anywhere this game is so easy 6:00 a.m. baby I’ve already made it past the first right barren little Apple they they got scared all right away they just think one even handle a second night this game is a piece of cake ha ha yeah okay here we are on the second night and I think you guys are ready for some more jokes no Jeff all right okay where did the vampire open his savings account dad a blood bank it’s didymo there’s somebody already on their spots that’s the shadow I can definitely see a shadow right there that is the shadow monster I don’t like it I don’t like it because why he wants all of my spooky what’d I do Oh creepy peepers get out of here creepy papers what did the mommy go say to the baby goes don’t spook until you’re spoken to still looking at me creepy papers tell jokes notice track you love water-ski I’m Lake Erie I get it Erie cuz it’s great being buried in Erie I’m closing the blast doors I don’t care I don’t want anybody touching me no putt touching now but fetching that’s all they want to do is touch butts get away from me get away from me where do mummies go for a swim to the Dead Sea okay it’s fine that’s fine open the door we’re all good okay we leave now we’re fine doc doc is fine and I can leave that okay creepy papers hot oh no not another one not another one okay no I got to conserve my power I’m only the 17% but I can’t open the blast doors no okay sit here with my fans I got my fans oh no we’re losing power captain divert all power back to the shelves power any games again


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