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ADORABLE: Pets dress up for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics


Now there’s nothing that we love more than really cute pets all dressed up and in Sochi pet owners are celebrating the winter olympics by dressing up their animals in outfits adorned in the colors and distinctive designs of the games at this madagascar pet shop in central sochi business is booming shop employees area says the merchandise has been flying off the shelves for two months it’s a choice on hospital right now the Olympics are going on in Sochi and that’s why we could say everyone wants to be in the trend right now volunteers and participants in the games and simple residents of the resort are wearing Bosco so as a pet store we would also like to be part of the Olympics and we are selling Bosco suits the same for dogs and cats however it’s not cheap dressing up your pets in these posh outfits shirts will cost you around 13 pounds while a snow seeds will set you back around 30


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