10-Pack Frozen Fuzzy Mice


Price: $51.99

UGRodents has top quality feeders specifically formulated for your snake, lizard and other carnivore pet. No hassle or mess. Experts recommend feeding frozen rodents to your pets. Frozen mice are the safest and easiest method of feeding your snake, lizard or other reptile. Because they are frozen you can save money on larger quantities. You also don’t have to worry about the mess of feeding live rodents to your pet. These mice are formula fed and provide superior nutrition and the perfect diet. To prepare your mouse for feeding simply place it in a plastic bag and let it sit in a cup of warm water for approximately 30 minutes. DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE MICROWAVE. Please ensure to always wash your hands after handling any rodents. NOTE: These are not for human consumption.Contains 10 Frozen Fuzzy Mice
Age: Ten to thirteen days
Has formed a full coat of fur; Eyes are not open yet
Length (Inches): 1.25 – 1.50 (not including tail)
Weight (Grams): 4.50 – 6.99

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